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Kinny R. Madori

Trustee and Chairman

Kinny Madori is the CEO and portfolio manager of Kingdom Capital Management, Inc., an investment management firm that manages private funds focused on public equity investments.

Prior to founding Kingdom Capital Management, Kinny worked as a portfolio manager for his family's small business. After completing college, he embraced entrepreneurship and started his own investment firm, focusing on value investing.

Kinny's experiences of growing up in an orphanage in the Bahamas have shaped his perspective on success and giving. As a successful businessman, he is passionate about providing hope and opportunities to those who are underprivileged.

Kinny has always believed in the benefits of merging the goals of business and philanthropy: prospering financially and doing good. He serves as the trustee of Kingdom Charitable Trust.

Kinny is responsible for managing and administering the foundation, including its governance, grant-making initiatives, and investments. He also serves as the chairman of the Kingdom Charitable Trust Advisory Board, working closely with the advisory committee to ensure that the foundation successfully carries out its mission effectively. 

Kinny is passionate about bringing holistic, transformational change to key issues affecting society and ensuring that the most vulnerable have access to the best possible care. He has volunteered at Big Brothers Big Sister Chicago, mentoring youth in the afterschool program, and leading various extracurricular activities. Kinny has also provided financial coaching at World Relief Chicago and has recently joined the board of HomeSafe, a nationally accredited nonprofit committed to assisting victims of child abuse and domestic violence. Kinny is affiliated with the Florida Philanthropy Network and Quantum Foundation Venture Philanthropy Initiative.

Kinny earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Trinity Christian College.

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