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Publicity & Recognition Guidelines

Congratulations on your grant award from Kingdom Charitable Trust! Your groundbreaking work merits acknowledgment, and we encourage you to promote your grant through various channels, such as the media, your publications, and your professional networks. Additionally, we hope to highlight our contribution to your initiatives aimed at enhancing the overall well-being of our communities and we kindly request that you recognize Kingdom Charitable Trust in your media and community involvement.

Please review and follow these guidelines: 

  1. Printed Materials​​

    • ​We ask that you acknowledge Kingdom Charitable Trust’s grant in a visible location by using one of the following statements:​​​​                                         "Made possible by a grant from Kingdom Charitable Trust" or "Funded, in part, by Kingdom Charitable Trust."

    • Please use the Foundation’s entire name, Kingdom Charitable Trust. Upon first mention, you may abbreviate to the Foundation.

  2. Artwork

    • ​You have received Kingdom Charitable Trust’s logo as an attachment from the media outreach email. If you need a different version of the logo, please contact Grace McCafferty at

  3. Public Addressing

    • When addressing a civic or professional audience regarding your funded program, kindly ensure to acknowledge the support of Kingdom Charitable Trust. Our commitment to showcasing the impact of our efforts often involves highlighting our esteemed grantees as examples of the positive differences made in the community.

  4. Press Releases and Media Relations

    • ​Please acknowledge Kingdom Charitable Trust in any news release written about the program receiving the grant.

    • ​If anyone from your organization participates in media interviews about the funded program, we ask that you recognize Kingdom Charitable Trust’s grant. The following is a description of the Foundation that may be used in media relations:                                                                            "Established in 2002, Kingdom Charitable Trust is a private foundation whose mission is to adopt a holistic approach to philanthropy through partnerships with nonprofit organizations that serve disadvantaged groups and communities to promote Spiritual Development, Economic Impact, Community Inclusion, and Medical Welfare."

  5. Website, Annual Report, and Publications

    • ​We take pride in showcasing our grantees and their programs across our website, impact report, and social media platforms. Your collaboration in ensuring an accurate representation of the program is invaluable to us, and we welcome the inclusion of photos, concise statements, and success stories. Similarly, we kindly ask for acknowledgement of Kingdom Charitable Trust's support on your website, annual report, and any publications related to the program.

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