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Ciana Masala

Board Secretary 

West Palm Beach, Florida 

With over nine years of experience as an Executive Assistant, Ciana brings a wealth of organizational expertise and a deep commitment to Kingdom Charitable Trust's mission. Originally from California, she made her way to the sunny shores of South Florida in 2019, juggling the joys of motherhood to two wonderful boys alongside her professional pursuits. Ciana's heart beats with a genuine passion for serving others, a value that aligns seamlessly with both her personal and professional endeavors. You'll often find her lending a helping hand at her local church or engaging in various charitable activities, driven by a belief that kindness and solidarity can make a real difference in people's lives.


Beyond her desk and board meetings, Ciana is a true advocate for community service, embodying the spirit of compassion in all she does. She firmly believes that lending a hand is not just a duty but a fundamental expression of human connection and empathy. As an integral part of Kingdom Charitable Trust, Ciana feels privileged to contribute to its noble cause. Guided by integrity and compassion, she cherishes the opportunity to foster meaningful connections, advance impactful initiatives, and leave a lasting legacy of kindness and goodwill in the world. Together with the Trust, she is committed to illuminating paths of hope and resilience for generations to come, one act of kindness at a time.

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