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Herman Bae

Clinical Research

Irvine, California

Herman Bae has spent his career in emergent technology related to ophthalmology, but always with a focus on patient care. Starting as a clinical technician and surgical technician in Laguna Hills, California, Herman was immersed in all aspects of patient care for a cutting-edge ophthalmology practice that has performed over 200,000 surgical procedures to date.


In 2013, Herman took a position as a Clinical Outcomes Specialist for Wavetec Vision Systems, a startup using proprietary technology to provide data points taken during a surgical procedure to allow surgeons an unprecedented ability to make decisions intraoperatively. Wavetec Vision was purchased by Alcon Laboratories, the industry leader in ophthalmology in 2014, and Herman took the role of Global Training Director.


During his tenure at Alcon, Herman has launched multiple products, both hardware, and software, across the globe and has been truly privileged to be a part of providing safer and better outcomes to patients all around the world.

Herman serves as director of clinical research on the Kingdom Charitable Trust Advisory Board to help expand its grantmaking initiatives in clinical research. Herman facilitates collaborations with nonprofit organizations in the quest for cures in cancer and organizations that aim to improve access to eye care for underserved populations. 

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