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Lorvins Eugene

Youth Development & Mentorship

Orlando, Florida 

Lorvins started his 18-year professional career with Orange County Government at the Great Oaks Village; the largest Group Home in Central Florida. There he served as a family teacher assistant providing direct support to children and adolescents ranging from ages 8-17 while pursuing a degree in Political Science. During the fall semester in Tallahassee, Florida, Lorvins worked at Capital City Youth Services and Devereux Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program (SIPP) for youth with extreme mental health barriers. During this experience, he felt a strong desire to pursue a profession in this area.

Lorvins returned to his hometown in Central Florida to pitch a statewide mentoring agency to Orange County Public Schools. To achieve the full experience and training, he joined Americorps Vista, where he worked with United Way as a case manager in the Home Again Division (HAD). He was responsible for assessing the needs and identifying barriers that lead to homelessness that impede self-sufficiency in families with school-aged children. The experience prepared him for various roles in the non-profit sector as an education program manager (grades 6-8), where he managed tutors, gathered data on student progress, mentoring and enrichment programs to study and design programs to improve students' overall learning experience.

Lorvins brings his extensive experience in working with youth to serve as director of youth development and mentorship on the Kingdom Charitable Trust Advisory Board. Lorvins advances his influential work to support the foundation's grant initiatives in working with various non-profit organizations that promote and empower youth through education, vocational mentorship and social and emotional development to help build resilience and promote mental health awareness.

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