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Sean Valentine, PA

Medical Outreach

Phoenix, Arizona

Sean was introduced to Kinny Madori, of Kingdom Capital Management when they attended a ministry school at their local church. They cultivated a friendship and with time, Kinny would speak of his foundation and his aspirations for him to join his advisory board and give insight into its medical outreach grant program.


An Arizona native, father of three, and graduate of Midwestern University, Sean has been working in Phoenix, Arizona as a physician associate for 11 years. He specializes in neurosurgery at HonorHealth Medical Center at its Phoenix location. His experience includes both elective and traumatic brain and spine surgery. In 2017, Sean transitioned to a sister hospital in Phoenix to assist in the development of their new level one trauma center and neurosurgery program.


Sean serves as director of medical outreach services on the Kingdom Charitable Trust Advisory Board. He establishes partnerships with nonprofit organizations that provide medical outreach services to rural, underserved populations in the local community and underdeveloped countries.

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